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Body Care

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Body Care

From intensely moisturising body butters that will leave your skin velvety smooth to deeply relaxing bath salt, all our products contain the most highly sourced ingredients and are free from all artificial nasties. Design to be used by the whole family.

Mum & Baby

Designed with new mama’s and baby’s tender skin in mind, all our products will nourish, protect and care during those first precious moments and beyond. There to soothe irritated skin, prevent infections and relief itchy and dry areas.

Home Range

For a non-toxic and cleaner alternative to traditional paraffin wax, look no further than our aromatherapy soy wax candles. Scented with only the purest essential oils, they create an aroma free from synthetic fragrances and promote an aura of well-being and relaxation. Finished with botanicals and beautiful crystals set with the intentions of love, peace, prosperity, and harmony.

Face Care

Herbal infused skincare created not only to treat problem areas but to do it while being gentle on the face. All products are made with antioxidant and vitamin-rich ingredients to combat skincare issues and leave you with that gorgeous glow as if it’s summer all year long.

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Nourishing Mama is a small, natural and organic skincare company based in Hertfordshire, UK. We offer herbal based products and other complementary goods, handcrafted with so much love, using only plant based, clean ingredients, all of our products are highly effective and kind, not just for the skin but also for the planet. Made in small batches.