Nourished Lips


Nourishing Mama’s new lip balm is formulated with wonderful and deeply nourishing oils and butters to leave you with beautiful and long lasting soft lips every time Available in 3 options:

🍊Sweet Vanilla
🍫Minty Choc (with a slight tingling effect)

Some of the key ingredients in this product is

Avocado Oil – has a high ability for transepidermal penetration which means that it can soak through multiple layers of your skin for extra hydration. It’s also an occlusive which keeps that hydration locked in.

Calendula infused Apricot Kernel Oil – rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid and vitamin E, it will not only leave your lips super soft but also prevent UVA damage from the sun as well as assist with the healing and repairing of the skin.

Nourished Lips is Natural, Organic and Cruelty Free.

Available in 15ml tins.

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