Natural skincare for children: the mothers who make their own (plus recipes)

Not satisfied with mainstream options, these women launched natural skincare lines especially suited to children’s delicate skin

An important event in 2011 would spark a significant lifestyle change for Hertfordshire mum, Denisse Garcia. She had given birth to a healthy baby girl, but upon reviewing the hospital notes, Garcia was unhappy with their decision to carry out the delivery via caesarean section. At the time, she didn’t realise she had much choice about how her baby was born, and would have preferred a more natural birth without intervention.

When Garcia became pregnant with her second child three years ago, she was determined to have a home birth. In the time between having her children, she had started to embrace a lower impact, more natural and sustainable lifestyle. “I became a vegetarian after having my first child, and that led me to a journey of embracing a more holistic lifestyle; learning about new things and questioning everything, including what I was putting on my child’s skin,” she says.

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